Terms & Conditions

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By hiring Custom Interior Connection to install/repair my hardwood flooring, I, the client, hereby agree to the following :

Preparation for Installation/Repair

1. I will remove all objects on the floor where the work will be done. This includes all furniture, lamps, etc. that are on the floor.

2. If the floor involved is in a closet, its floor space must be cleared. Clothes and items hanging in the closets must be removed. Any items on shelves above the closet rod may remain in place.

3. If the floor involved is in a bathroom, I will remove any pedestal-style sinks or toilets. If this is not possible, Custom Interior Connection will sand around the base of the pedestal or toilet, hand-scraping where possible, but then cannot guarantee the results.

4. If the floor involved is in a kitchen, and I wish Custom Interior Connection to sand under the refrigerator, oven, and/or dishwasher, I will remove these appliances, placing them so that they do not obstruct workers’ access to the floor. I understand that the appliances are not to be moved back onto the floor until seven (7) full days after work on the floor is completed, to prevent damage to the floor. Even after the floor is cured, I will move the appliances back carefully to avoid damage.

5. I will clear a path between a door and the area where the work will be done, so that Custom Interior Connection personnel can enter and exit easily with materials and machinery necessary for the job. This includes removing any snow, ice, leaves or other natural obstacles outside.

6. Custom Interior Connection requires access to a 220 electrical outlet. The outlet the dryer is plugged into is our first choice. If this is not available, the stove’s outlet will do.

During Installation/Repair

1. I can walk on the new floor during sanding, until the vacuuming and staining/sealing begins.

2. I cannot walk on the floor until three hours after the stain/seal/finish has been applied.

3. I must severely limit walking on the floor at night, in between coats of stain/seal/ finish.

4. I will prevent all pets from coming into the work area until the entire project is complete.

After Installation/Repair

1. Payment is due in full at the completion of the job. Custom Interior Connection accepts cash and checks, but not credit cards. Custom Interior Connection does not invoice or extend credit.

2. The finish will take one full week to cure. During this week, I will only walk on the floor in socks. Shoes can mar the floor, and the natural oils in the skin of bare feet can smudge the finish.

3. During this week, I will avoid getting the new floor wet.

4. During this week, I will not wash the floor with water or any cleaning product.

5. During this week, I will prevent my pets from walking on the new floor. I will absolutely prevent them from walking on the floor within 24 hours of the stain/seal/ finish application.

6. I am aware that, after sanding, some gapping between floorboards may occur. While it happens after sanding, it is not caused by sanding. It is caused by the natural expanding and contracting of wood, a natural product, as it reacts to changes in weather, seasons, and indoor humidity. To minimize gapping, we suggest a humidifier be installed into your home’s furnace, and we will gladly recommend a service that can install this appliance.

I, the undersigned, have read, understand, and hereby agree to these terms and conditions in hiring Custom Interior Connection to install/repair my hardwood floors.

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