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Custom Interior Connection prides itself on performing every job to the best of our ability, meeting the high standards set by the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association (N.O.F.M.A.), without skimping on a single part of the flooring process.
We believe it is important for you to understand the Custom Interior Connection difference, so that you can see that we take every care to leave you with a floor you can be proud of for years to come.

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We trowel-fill your floor. Many other flooring companies will skip this process, leaving unsightly gaps that can collect dirt and mold.

We use a three-step sanding process, going from a rough to medium to fine cut, which ensures a smooth, closed-grain surface ready for seal and/or stain. Others skip the middle step, saving a small amount of time at the expense of your floor’s final appearance.

We minimize the dust when sanding. Our specialized equipment keeps the dust contained, leaving you with a much cleaner home than other, older systems still in use.

We seal every floor, even if it is stainedThis allows the first coat of polyurethane to build a “wear layer,” instead of the first coat being absorbed by the wood’s natural pores and fibers. The sealer also ensures a stronger bond between the polyurethane and the floor.

We use safe finishes. Our finishes are environmentally safe and non-toxic. They can be walked on in as little as 2-3 hours, and are completely cured in about a week.

We keep you in your home. With Custom Interior Connections, you can stay in your home the entire time, with no inconvenient and expensive hotel stay due to excessive dust or toxic fumes.

Custom Interior Connection offers a full range of flooring services, from installation to repair:

    • New Installation or additions to current flooring
    • Custom Designs including borders and medallions
    • Repairs and Touch-ups, without redoing the whole floor!
    • Re-sanding and Finishing we take the time to get it right
    • Screening and Recoating, often in just hours
    • Deep Clean and Renewal, restoring your floor’s original beauty